Friday, 9 August 2013

Question time!

Do you remember in the days before facebook took over the world when people used to send each other little questionnaires via email? I found this over at Stacey's blog theveggiemama. Feel like playing along? Have a little read, then scroll down to the blank template at the bottom of this post. When you've filled it out make sure you put your link in the comment box so I can pop on over to your blog and see your answers!

Here we go ...

Making: as little noise as possible so I don’t wake my children.
Cooking: gluten-free packet mix chocolate cake. Naturally, when my friend comes over tomorrow for morning tea I will hide the packet.
Drinking: raspberry leaf tea, the stuff they recommend for inducing labour naturally. No, I am not pregnant. Two weeks before my daughter was born, I read about its ability to tone the uterus in preparation for labour and that you should start drinking about 2-4 cups a day for the last six weeks of pregnancy. Wanting to make up for lost time, I drank 8-10 cups a day and am still hooked on it 5 months later. For the record, Annalisa was born ten days overdue despite my best efforts!

Reading:  The Group by Mary McCarthy and Mind Maps for Kids by Tony Buzan.
Wanting: sleep
Looking: like a sleep-deprived wretch
Wasting: sleep time playing on the computer. Let’s face it, some things are more fun than sleep.
Playing: tennis without a net in the backyard with my son.
Sewing: a bag without a zip because I don’t do zips (affectionately known as a pillowcase with a handle :)
Wishing: I could touch my toes. I can hardly even touch my knees these days.
Enjoying: my new job at a tutoring centre. I get the satisfaction of teaching without the dreaded behaviour management issues.
Waiting: for the day when I can listen to grown-up music again. I have nothing against nursery rhymes, but lately I’ve found myself singing them in the shower and humming them in public.
Liking: how my son says “I give you a ten out of ten for this meal, mum” every time it’s my turn to cook, even when all I’ve done is pour a tin of tuna over a plate of pasta.
Wondering: if my chickens will ever lay an egg or whether I should find an alternative use for them
Loving: recipes with chicken in them
Hoping: that when Muddle-Headed daddy comes home from work he will look at me and say: “All I want to do right now is give you a massage”. (there was no category for “dreaming impractically” so I had to put it under hoping).
Marvelling: at how my baby girl changes a little tiny bit every single day and how, no matter how many colourful, rattly, expensive, carefully selected toys I put in front of her, she’s always more interested in grabbing my boring old black phone or my book and trying to eat them. Are children born with a built-in desire to rebel? 

Needing: to learn how to operate her pram. They should offer courses to pregnant women in pram operation. If you don’t believe me read this post.
Smelling: like I should get off the computer and go and have a shower.
Wearing: my partner’s tracky pants, an ancient singlet top, a cardy I got at a second hand shop and a pair of ugg boots. 100% class.
Following: my intuition. Such a pity I don’t have more of it.
Noticing: that my house looks like a bomb hit it. You only just noticed? I can hear my mother say as she reads this. 
Knowing: nowhere near as much as I once thought I did.
Thinking: that I should have explained to my neighbour that there was a very good reason why I walked into my front yard in my pyjamas one day last week, crouched down by my letterbox, pulled up a handful of weeds but left another 250 handfuls exactly where they were, took a photo of the ground then turned around and walked back inside. I needed to take a photo for this post and I needed to do it immediately while the motivation was pumping. Unfortunately, she’s been eyeing me suspiciously ever since.
Feeling: like a nincompoop because a few days ago I saw the most incredibly beautiful bird in my garden. It was the most spectacular combination of colours. I rushed inside to get my camera and managed to snap a shot just before it flew away. Then I looked at the photo and realised the camera was set to black and white mode.
Bookmarking: my favourite blogs.
Opening: the presents I bought myself from the Book Depository for my unbirthday
Giggling: at this conversation I had today with my son:
Ben: “Mummy, who’s Frankenstein?”
Me: “It’s a book and a movie about a scientist who makes a monster”.
Ben: “What are you talking about??” (then he says the next two words really slowly as if he’s addressing to a complete fool): “Frank Einstein. He must be Einstein’s brother or something”!

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