Saturday, 19 October 2013

Friends, Food, Fish, Family, Photos (rhyme time again on TToT)

It's been an interesting week. My partner sprained his ankle doing long-jump in the back yard with my son (it seems the male competitive streak does not decrease with age). Then, while he was still in the process of nursing his wound and feeling very sorry for himself, he managed to lose his wallet too, just for good measure. After we'd gone through the process of cancelling all the cards that needed to be cancelled and re-ordering the ones that needed to be reordered, he found it underneath the front passenger seat of the car. I swear I'd already looked there twenty-seven times.

So for better or for worse, we've made it to the weekend and even though the weather was vile today, we had a wonderful day at the local indoor pool with Ben and a handful of his friends.

I'm well and truly ready now to take a step back from it all and reflect on what I'm thankful for this week. Just like the first time I took part in Lizzi's Ten Things of Thankful, I feel like using ten of the photos I took throughout the week to make a little poem. So here we go ...

I'm thankful for our four new friends who came and cooked us yummy Chinese food,

I'm thankful for my garden, which always lifts my mood.

I'm thankful for my wind chime, that tinkles in the breeze,

I'm thankful that Ben still finds wonder and excitement in everything he sees.

I'm thankful for my little fish, who make me feel at peace.

I'm thankful that my little girl has such a special friendship with my niece.

I'm thankful for my old guitar that calms me as I strum.

I'm thankful Annalisa has just started to say "mum".

I'm thankful that I am blessed to have the ocean right at my front door,
for in front of its vast majesty though I'm not rich, I never can feel poor.

And I'm thankful for my camera which is helping me to learn
that there are endless possibilities for beauty in each direction that I turn.

Have you linked up with Lizzi for the weekend Ten Things of Thankful blog hop? Go on, it's scientifically proven to increase your happiness by 350%.

Ten Things of Thankful

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