Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Athletics Carnival ...gooooo Red!

Ben had been counting down the weeks till his athletics carnival since last year. When the day he'd been waiting for finally arrived, he was just about jumping out of his skin with excitement. My parents drove the three hours down from Perth so they could be there to watch him. Unfortunately, we weren't given a program of event starting times, and we didn't think his main race would be as early as it actually did. Because they had a long drive and I had to wait for the baby to wake up, we all ended up arriving at the school just before the start of his race. I sprinted (well maybe not sprinted, but I went as fast as my legs would carry me!) down to the finish line so I could snap a photo of him with my phone. Ben's grandparents were in hot pursuit.

As you can see, it's not the best photo. My partner took a better one of him as he crossed the finish line last year ...

We were so happy though that we had arrived in the nick of time and so excited for him that he won (you're just going to have to believe me on this one since I cut out more than half the kids in the photo!). I was so excited I just couldn't hide it. I saw a man in front of me who I thought was my dad and slapped him on the back and said "He won!" The man turned around and I realised it was not my dad at all; it was the school principal. Oh dear. Let's rack it up to another muddle-headed moment.

Here are some other photos that I took of the carnival ...

(the boys of red faction)

 (tired baby sister watching her big bro)

(time to go home)

(home, but not quite hosed ... and all revved up for next year!)

P.S Ben did ask me if I would go in the parent/teacher race, but I quietly mentioned to him that after 
my experience in the teacher race at the school I taught at last year, it was probably best for everyone if I just gave it a miss.  

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