Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sculptures by the Sea

The first time I took Giuseppe to the beach in Australia, back in 2011, happened to coincide with the annual fortnight-long art exhibition that is organised at Cottesloe Beach called Sculpture by the Sea. Each year, artists from around the world submit their sculptures, which are displayed across the beach for all to enjoy, and at the conclusion of the outdoor exhibition, a winning artist is chosen.

Every time I think of this event, I remember the look on Giuseppe's face when we first arrived at the beach that day. I hadn't realised that the exhibition was on, so he wasn't expecting to be greeted by a beach full of sculptures.

"Do all your beaches look like this?" he asked with his mouth open in astonishment (he soon learnt to shut it though to keep out the flies!)

Here are some of the photos we took that day ...

Have you got a favourite? Can you guess which one won?

My Little Drummer BoysTwinkle In The Eye 

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