Friday, 2 May 2014

The Alphabet Weekends - G is for Good Deeds

We are well and truly overdue for an Alphabet Weekend update and to be honest, we are running quite behind on our Alphabet Weekend challenge (that was my New Year's Resolution to do 26 family activities throughout 2014, each starting with a consequetive letter of the alphabet). I've decided that I should forgive myself for that though considering that, among other things, we did move to a new house located over 300km away from our old house and what with everything that comes with a move like that, we were bound to have a bit of a hiccup in even our best laid plans!

I had planned on taking Ben and his cousin go-karting for our G weekend. We were all set to jump in the car and head off, but I thought I'd just ring the venue to make sure they could fit us in first. The lady on the phone said they had plenty of room, but were each of the participants at least 145cm tall? I didn't actually know what Ben's current height was so what ensued was a rather dramatic scene in which he, his cousin and I all ran around the house hunting for a tape measure or a ruler with the baby hot on our heels, but to no avail. I then sent Ben next door to ask the neighbours if he could borrow their tape measure (and told the go-carting lady I would call her back). He came back looking very solemn indeed and mumbled "I'm only 141cm".

It took some persuading to convince him that there would be no possible way to trick anybody that he was 4cm taller than he actually is (he did mention the possibility of high heels and spiky hair, bless him). So the go-karting did not happen, but I have decided that I can definitely make this situation work in my favour. For instance, I will now be able to say things like:

"Eat up all your vegetables or you won't grow tall enough to go go-karting!" and

"You'd better go to bed early from now on because people don't grow properly if they don't sleep enough!"

I did take Ben and his cousin for an outting on the train to the city that day instead and we did do lots of fun things, but none of them started with G (unless you count galavanting, gawking and giggling).

So after our false start we went back to the drawing board and decided that for G we would do some good deeds. 

We put our heads together and thought of four good deeds that we could do around our neighbourhood.

This is what we came up with:

First, we went for a walk around the block with a plastic bag each and picked up the rubbish that we saw along the way ...

The funny thing is that I've done that walk at least two dozen times before and had never really noticed how much rubbish is strewn around the streets. Both our bags were full before we'd even been walking for ten minutes. Oh, and I promise I did some rubbish collecting too, there's just no photographic evidence to prove it!

Along the way we saw an adondoned shopping trolley, so we walked it back to the supermarket ...

(and when I say we, this time I mean Ben).

When we got to the supermarket, we bought a Thank You card and went home and wrote a message to a friend of mine whose house we had stayed at for a few nights during the school holidays ...

And lastly, we went through our wardrobes and found all the clothes and shoes we don't wear anymore and put them in a big bag ....

Then we walked back up to the shops, posted the card and dropped the clothes off at the donation bin.

And after that, I was so tired from all the walking that I put my feet up and Ben made me a cup of tea (one extra good deed for him and one very nice treat for me :)

So there it is - our G weekend.Please tell me that late is better than never!

Now you wouldn't happen to have any suggestions about what we could do for H, have you??

The Multitasking Mummy

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