Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Alphabet Weekends - 'A'

My New Year's Resolution was to spice up our family social life by committing to go on 26 fortnightly outings throughout 2014 with each outing being something that begins with each consecutive letter of the alphabet. I also decided that I'd photograph each of these activities and turn them into a blog series called The Alphabet Weekends.

We kick-started the challenge last weekend by heading off for some Archery.

The participating archers were:

My son, Ben;

My nephew;

My niece;

My brother-in-law;

and me.

I'm not quite sure what's going on with my face in this photo, but there you are.

My sister couldn't be there because she had a headache (will we call that a reason or an excuse??) and since we were in the middle of a heatwave, my partner stayed home in the aircon to keep the baby cool (I'm sure he was quite thankful of this as it turned out, since he probably would not want to be anywhere near me while I'm armed with a bow and arrow!)

Here are some more of our action shots on the field ...

The kids really enjoyed themselves despite the heat and suddenly became super interested in maths when it was time to add up the scores. I think they surprised themselves with how accurate some of their shots were too. My own performance was a bit hit and miss though (pardon the pun).

And just in case you were wondering, this is what kids look like after two hours of archery when their blood sugar levels have dropped down around their ankles ...

My Little Drummer Boys  Twinkle In The Eye       

So have you ever tried archery? And do you have any suggestions for what we can do next fortnight for the letter B??

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