Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Alphabet Weekends - C

I meant to post these photos last Wednesday, but as I wrote in my last post, things have been on pause here on the blog lately due to some messy things going on in real life at the moment.

I really do want to keep up The Alphabet Weekends project though (my goal to go on 26 family outings throughout 2014, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet, starting with the letter A and moving alphabetically right through to Z) because I think it brings a lot of positivity into our lives and gives us something to plan and to look forward to.

I received some fantastic suggestions from other bloggers when I posted Our 'B' activities about what we could do for the letter C and I think a shout-out is definitely in order for Emily over at Have a Laugh on Me for her collosal contribution, which included:

"Cuddling, Cooking, Crafting, Compassing, Cruising, Clapping, Collaborating, Cracking, Canoeing, Cranky"

(Thank you, Em!)

However, after much deliberation, we decided to take advantage of the natural splendours surrounding our home in the south west of Western Australia and decided to go Caving ...

We chose to go to Jewel Cave, the biggest show cave in the south-west. It was discovered in 1957 and is widely acclaimed as the most beautiful show cave in the region (an estimated 350 caves exist in the region, but only a handful are open to the public). 

Please note: my son doesn't actually look like this. I did ask him to smile nicely. Charming child.

They nickname the feature below The Karri Forest due to its likeness to the Karri trees that adorn the south-west of the state.

Here you can see massive twisted tree roots that have have embedded themselves into the cave ...

We were also treated to a 'light' show ...

And here's the silliest shot of the day: we were posing for a nice mum and bub photo but bub pulled on my earring at the last second :)

My Little Drummer BoysTwinkle In The Eye

So have you ever been inside a cave?

And do you have any suggestions for what we can do for our 'D' weekend?? 

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